The right solution to safety and emergency needs in any situation you find yourself

Help Me Now offers free, instant access to personal safety and emergency response services to all people.

Help Me Now technology offers a feeling of security at any time of the day and in any situation. Through various emergency alerts and countless other options the user will feel more protected, will be able to alert their friends and family in case of danger and communicate with emergency services around the world.

Help Me Now improve security wherever you are, a revolutionary App that offers immediate protection and constant peace of mind wherever you are.

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A revolutionary project!

The increase in violence against women and all related criminal activities, from robberies to rape and domestic violence, gave us the initial input for the creation of this public utility App.

This revolutionary project developed by Help Me Now is the most complete personal safety App, with the ability to communicate and alert your Helpers and emergency centers with messages, SMS, e-mail, audio-video and with instant geo-localization of your position.

Help Me Now is aimed at all people who need more security in daily life, wherever you are and in any situation you can have an ally by your side.

With our personal security bracelet, with a simple touch, it will allow you to send an alarm message without the need to use your smartphone, with the simple press of a button it simultaneously sends alert notifications with your GPS location to family members, friends, colleagues and emergency services to help you get help faster.

Help Me Now is for everyone:

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